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Learn English Language skills from the basics to the higher level with easy stepwise guide. Our method is the more pragmatic one. We give you a platform to provide all the necessary English skills and tools to make every help possible. Here you can start from Basic Grammar to higher level with some practical insight. We recommend taking one lesson each time, and to repeat unless you have a full command over it. We do provide some measures to get each lesson well repeated. It’s a far better idea if you do all that with your referred friends and family. This makes your job much easier.
Syntax Complete guide on syntax, apart from Morphology the meaningful arrangement of words. Complete details of all types and kinds of Phrases, Clauses and sentences.
Parts of Speech Do you think Noun to be the name of person, place or a thing just only? Or it can even be defined in a much better way? Some practical and more reasonable insight into all Parts of Speech.
TensesThe inflectional categories of the verb that relate to time Present, Past and Future, and also the aspect like Continuous, Perfect etc. The complete guide of tenses.
Active & Passive VoiceDo you think our language accommodates more an active voice? To your surprise, the answer is mighty NO. We express subject more in passive conditions. A Complete guide about the Voices.
Direct & Indirect SpeechOne of the integral parts of language that makes many to confuse. Read this portion well and get full command over Narrations. Get one lesson each time and repeat until learnt well.
High Frequency Words - Build VocabularyA comprehensive list of the words that recur in our speech quite often, also called keywords by Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.