Changes of Subject in Indirect Speech

The subject of the Reported Speech is changed in accordance with the subject of Reporting Speech. It depends upon the situation, and we have to apply our common sense for that.


He said, “I can do this myself”. (Direct Speech)
He said that he could do that him self. (Indirect Speech)

In above example the subject of Reporting Speech is he and he of course talks about himself (I can do this myself). That’s why when we convert it into indirect we make he as the subject. Similarly there is one more example.

He said to me, “What are you doing here?” (Direct Speech)
He asked me what I was doing there. (Indirect Speech)


  1. He said, “What are you doing here?”
    He asked what I was doing there.

  2. She said “Where are you going?”
    She asked where I was going.

  3. She said, “I may get the first position”
    She said that she might get the first position.

  4. He said, “I can run a shop”
    He said that he could run a shop.

  5. They said, “We can win”
    They said that they could win.

  6. His friend will say, “I cannot do this”
    His friend will say that he cannot do this.

Changes of Time
In case of reporting speech being in past the time of the reported speech also changes into past. The changes are as under;

  1. This day into that day.
  2. Today into that day.
  3. Yesterday into previous day.
  4. Tomorrow into next day.
  5. Now into then.


  1. He said, “I cannot do this now.”
    He said that he couldn’t do that then.

  2. He said, “He went there yesterday.”
    He said the he had gone there previous day.

  3. She said to me, “How do you feel now.”
    She asked me how I felt then.

  4. They said, “It is this day I got my appointment.”
    He said that it was that day he had got him appointment.

  5. He said, “I shall see you tomorrow.”
    He said that he shall see him next day.