Narrations for Exclamatory and Imperative

Imperative Sentences
Imperatives are those sentences where there is any of these three things;

  • Order
  • Request
  • Advice
  • Suggestion

This is the matter of common sense that which word you will use for any of the upper types of imperatives (order, request, advice or suggestion). You have to use the same words, like; ordered, requested, advised and suggested etc. Similarly the word to is used to join clauses together. In case of negative sentence the word forbid(s) / forbade is used.


  1. He said, “Please help me”
    He requested to help him.

  2. Teacher said, “Open your books at page 50”
    Teacher ordered to open our books at page 50.

  3. He said to James, “don’t let him in”
    He forbade James to let him in.

  4. General said, “Open the fire”
    General ordered to open the fire.

  5. You said, “speak the truth always”
    You advised to speak the truth always.

  6. My father said to me, “Don’t trust him”
    My father forbade to trust him.

My father advised not to trust him.

  1. He says, “Don’t speak”
    He forbade speaking.

  2. You said, “Always speak truth.”
    You advised / suggested to speak truth always.

Exclamatory Sentences

Exclamatory are those sentences that express emotions (of wonder, sorrow or joy). Interjections are also used with them. (hurrah, wow, alas, oh, ah etc). While changing the exclamatory sentences we have to use words in the reporting speech in accordance with the situation, like;

  • Exclaimed with joy
  • Exclaimed with wonder
  • Exclaimed with sorrow
  • Exclaimed with surprise
  • Exclaimed

The word that is used to join two clauses.


  1. They said, “Hurrah! We won the contest.”
    They exclaimed with joy that they had won the contest.

  2. He said, “Alas! I failed.”
    He exclaimed with sorrow that he had failed.

  3. She said, “Wow! I am recommended.”
    She exclaimed with joy that she was recommended.

  4. My friend said, “What a beautiful painting is this.”
    My father exclaimed with joy that the painting was beautiful.

  5. He said, “What a nice person he is.”
    He exclaimed with joy that a person was nice.

  6. Thomas said, “Oh! I got trapped.”
    Thomas exclaimed with sorrow that he had got trapped.

  7. He said, “Oh! I missed the train.”
    He exclaimed with sorrow that he missed the train.

  8. He said, “Ah! The time has elapsed.”
    He exclaimed with sorrow that the time had elapsed.