Conjunction is the word that joins two clauses together in a sentence. The conjunctions are; but, or, nor, for, yet, and, so, because, since, unless, although, when, while, where.


  1. He came here by bus and I by the car.
  2. That book is more comprehensive so I would like to read it.
  3. He is afraid of darkness since he was a child.

Types of Conjunction
There are three types of conjunction;

  1. Coordinator
  2. Subordinator
  3. Correlative

Coordinators are those conjunctions that join two independent clauses together. Since the sentence in which two independent clauses are joined together is called coordination, hence the conjunction used in it too is called coordinator. The coordinators are; and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet.


  1. This mountain is too hard to climb but I shall give it a try.
  2. He can not do this thing nor can I.
  3. My brother teaches in college and I in school.
  4. Thief ran fast yet was caught.

They are the conjunctions that are used to join one main clause to subordinate clause. Since this type of sentence is the type of subordination that’s why conjunctions used to join these clauses are called subordinator. The subordinators are; although, because, if, before, how, once, since, till, until, when, where, whether, while, after, no matter how, provided that, as soon as, even if.


  1. You cannot swim until you touch water.
  2. I attempted the question whether it was so difficult.
  3. He got a prize because he got 1st position in the class.
  4. We shall try to climb on this tree no matter how difficult.
  5. He failed in exam even if he scored well in some papers.

Correlative Conjunction
There are some conjunctions that are used always in pairs. Such type of Conjunction is called Correlative Conjunction. Correlative Conjunction are; either or, neither nor, either or, whether or, both and not only etc.


  1. Neither you nor he could understand.
  2. Either Paul or Marry will get the first position.
  3. We have to see whether or not this plan will work.