Interjections are the words that suddenly uttered at the time of excessive emotions. These emotions may be of joy, sorrow or wonder etc. Injections are; hurrah, ah, oh, wow, alas, oops, etc. After interjection the sign of exclamation is always used.


  1. Hurrah! I won the match. (Joy)
  2. Oh! I missed the point. (Sorrow)
  3. Oops! You dropped it. (Sorrow)
  4. Alas! We lost him. (Sorrow)
  5. Ah! What a nice shirt. (Wonder)

To express wonder, sorrow and joy the words other than interjections may be used too.


  1. What! Are you sure. (Sorrow)
  2. No! What are you saying (sorrow)

Emotions may be expressed even without interjections. In this case sing of exclamation is used at the end of sentence.


  1. What the hell are you talking about!
  2. What a nice thing is that!
  3. That’s wonderful!