Privacy Policy basically aims at providing its user the overall information about English Language. We don’t keep any information of our user in our database. There is just no option anywhere which needs users to be signed in, login or what ever the case may be. There is neither any form that demands any information like Name, Email, Address, Country etc.

We don't use cookies or any sessions which collect our users information at the back end. If in any case any of our users contact us to fix his/her query we keep that information confidential and handle it professionally. We never share these information with any third party. Being a professional webinars, we know the importance and privacy of our users. We keep users information under strict rules in our database. We only use users info to contact them or to reply them to fix their issues.

Since has the Google Adsense code and in accordance with the Google’s Privacy Policy the information like; Local storage of users’ computers like caches, cookies, anonymous identifiers, Device information, location etc may be taken which has nothing to apply with