Kinds of Sentences According to Structure

Sentence is defined as completely meaningful combination of words from one full stop to another full stop except first sentence. Sentence starts with the capital letter. Sentence may be of one clause (simple), main and subordinate clause (complex), two independent clauses (compound) and more than two clauses (complex-compound). Simple sentence is also called clause.

Kinds of Sentence

There are four kinds of sentence

  1. Simple Sentence
  2. Complex Sentence
  3. Compound Sentence
  4. Complex-Compound Sentence

Simple Sentence
Simple sentence is that sentence which is made of single clause. It is also called clause. Since the sentence is meaningful combination of words that’s why Simple sentence is Independent clause actually.


  1. He is an honest man.
  2. You must do you job.
  3. This story is interesting.

Compound sentence (Coordination)
Compound sentence is the sentence which is made of two independent clauses. This is also called Coordination. The conjunctions used to join two independent clauses are; and, for, but, or, yet, so.


  1. He amazingly worked out the problem and I couldn’t understand this thing.
  2. He is intelligent so he can easily understand his job.
  3. This is difficult to understand or I could resolve this problem.

Complex Sentence (Subordination)
Complex sentence is the sentence which is made of two clauses; one independent and other is dependent clause. This is also called subordination. Because, since, when, although, unless etc are the conjunctions.


  1. I can’t climb on the steep mountain because it is difficult.
  2. He couldn’t get through although he worked hard.
  3. You can’t type unless you practice.

Complex-Compound Sentence
Complex-Compound Sentence is the sentence that is made of more than two clauses, in which two are Independent Clauses and one dependent.


  1. He got through the test and I couldn’t because I didn’t prepare.